Heavy Rebel Weekender - June 30 - July 2, 2017!


Some general info about HRW:


  • Is HRW all ages?
    Heavy Rebel Weekender is all ages. 18 and under need to come in at the front door with an adult and get a wristband and sign in. Adults, you are responsible for the underage person you bring to the event.

  • What do you get with a festival wristband?

    You get entry to the Millennium Center for Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the music, performances and contests that are inside.

  • Does the Car Show cost money?

    Nope, the car show is held outside Saturday morning and afternoon and is free for all spectators. If you want to bring your classic car please go here to register.

  • Can I come inside the Millennium Center during the car show?

    You may come inside the Millennium Center beginning at 11:00 Saturday during the car show for free, without a wristband, to look around, cool off and shop with vendors. At 4:00 we will ask everyone not wearing a wristband to leave the building. Please do not try to get into the Millennium Center  earlier than 11:00 as we cannot allow  it for security reasons. Please do not try to sneak in and stay after 4:00 if you don't have a wristband. That's not cool.

  • Can I sell food outside during the car show?

    You will have to take that up with the city of Winston-Salem.

  • What's up with food and drink at HRW?

    No outside food and drink is allowed inside the Millennium Center. We get shut down by ALE for outside drinks. The Millennium Center has frosty beverages and makes some tasty home-cooked food all weekend long and it helps them defray the cost of them being so cool to us all weekend. If you want something else to eat and drink, there are plenty of delicious restaurants, etc all over Winston-Salem, especially in the downtown area. Please just keep it outside the M Center.

  • What else can I not bring in?

    No weapons, no illegal drugs, no animals please.

  • Can I have one of those cool posters on the wall?

    Maybe. Just ask. We are really cool people and will most likely just let you have it after the weekend is over. Do us a favor though and don’t take them off the walls during the weekend. They are there for everyone to enjoy as well as to help with the sound quality in this big old building.

 The Millenium Center is a private establishment. You can be denied entrance or asked to leave if you can’t follow these simple basic rules or if you have an attitude or behavior that is ruining everyone’s good time.