Heavy Rebel Weekender - June 30 - July 2, 2017!

who's played heavy rebel?

21st Century Goliath

Devin Miller & the Dead or Alives

The Krank Daddies

The Sake Bombers

220 Short

Dexter Romweber & Crash Laresh

Kung Flude


3 Blue Teardrops

Dex Romweber Duo

Labretta Suede & the Motel 6

Sarah Shook & the Devil

The 440s

Die Cheerleader Die

Lamb Handler

Sasquatch & the Sickabillies

45 Spider

The Dielectrics

Lara Hope & the Arktones

Satan's Teardrops

500 Miles To Memphis

DJ Junior

Last Call Brawlers

The Sawyer Family

9 Second Delay

The Doll Squad

The Last Vegas

The Screamin’ Rebel Angels 

Adam, The First Real Man

Doug Largent


Sean K. Preston 

Al Foul

Down On Luck

The Legendary Hucklebucks

Sean Kershaw & New Jack Ramblers

The Alphabet Bombers

The Downshifters

The Leroy Fix

Seth Kess & the Black Market Band

Already Dead

Dragstrip Syndicate

The Local Skank

The Seven Shot Screamers

American Speedway

The Drop Tops

Locke & Load

The Shakedowns

American Zero

Drunk By Six

Lonewolf OMB  



Drunken Prayer

Lords of the Highway

The Silverhounds

Andy Vaughan & the Driveline

Druscilla Mane

 Los Rudos

Silver Tongue Devil


The Earps

 Lil Jake & the Bosstoms

The Silvermen

Angry Johnny & the Killbillies

Edsel 500

 The Little White Pills

Sin City Revival

The Antagonizers

Electric Eye

 Lords of the Highway

Skinny Jim & the No. 9 Blacktops

April Mae & the Junebugs

Elvis Encore

 Los Bastardos Magnificos

Skye Paige

The Arkhams


 The Low Counts

Slick 57

Artimus Pyledriver

The Exponentials

 Lugosi's Morphine


Atomic Boogie


 The Lugosis

Soul Reapin’ 3

The Atomic Drops

Face Down Presley


Southbound Turnaround 

Atomic Rhythm Allstars

The Fairlanes

 The Luxury Pushers


The Babyshakers

Filthy Rotten Sex Machine

 The Mad Daddys

Speed Crazy

Back Seat Confidential

Filthy Still

Mad Tea Party/The Mad Tea

The Speed Kings

The Bad Checks

The Fishnet Stalkers

 The Malamondos

The Spinns

Bad Mothers

Five-Four Black & White

 The Marauders

The Spooks

Before Lazers

The Flamin' Locos

 Matt Hill

SS Webb

The Belmont Playboys

Flathead Mike & the Mercurys

 Matt Walsh

Star City Wildcats

Bettie After Midnight

The Flat Tires

 MC Geer


Bible of the Devil

The F’N A-Holes

 Mean Mean Man & The Brass Knuckle Band

Stinky Sonobuoni

Big Bad

Four Barrel Ghost

 The Memphis Morticians

The Straight 8's

Big Dixie

Four on the Floor

 Michael Rank & Stag


Big House Pete

The Frantic Flattops

 The Midway Charmers

The Strikers

The Big Spank

The Fury 3

 Mike Hendrix & the Popes of Hell

The Stunt Doubles

Biggie Stardust & His Wretched Hive

The Fury...Heat

 The Misery Jackals

Supercharged Suicide

Billy Joe Winghead


 Miss Firecracker

Super Fuck'n Judo Flip



 The Moaners


Black Mona Lisas

The Genders

 The Mofos

The Sweet Ones

The Black Knots

Genghis Khan

 The Monterreys

Switchblade Syndicate

Blacklist Royals

The Gladezmen

 Morgan C. Geer & Unholy Trio


Blatant Finger

The Goddamn Gallows


Taz Halloween

The Blind Pharaohs


 Motor 76


Bloodshot Bill

Gojira-X/The Gojira Experiement


Ten Foot Polecats 

Blood Red River

The Gold Hope Duo

 Murder Weapon

The Testostertones

Blue Diablo

The Gonowheres

 The Mystery Addicts

Texas Death Machine

Blue Flame Combo

Graveyard BBQ

The Needles 

Tex Railers Doomtown

 Bob Wayne

Gravy Boat


The Merle

 The Bo-Stevens

Greg Phoenix

 The New Town Drunks

The Swaggarts

 The Bottle Babies

The Griswolds

 No Means Yes

Thee Exit Wounds

 Brain Chips

Guitar Bomb

 The Octane Saints

Thee Merry Widows

 The Breaks

The Haggards

 Old No. 8

Them Damned Young Livers

 The Brimstones

Hangdog Hearts

 The Othermen

Them Teasters


Hearts & Daggers

 The Painkillers


 Brownbird Rudy Relic


 Paint Fumes

Thunder Vest

 Brutally Frank

The Heels

 Pearls Mahone & The One Eyed Jacks

Tiger! Tiger!

 The B-Sharps

Hell’s Fire Sinners

 PeeWee Moore


 Burglar Fucker

Hick’ry Hawkins

The Peidmontsmen

The Tijuana Bibles

 The Butchers

The High Rollers

Pete Yorko

Tilford Sellers

 The Buzzards

High School Hellcats


The Tombstone Daddys

 The Buzzkills

Hillbilly Casino

Phillip Roebuck

Tommy Ray & the Rayguns


Hillbilly Werewolf

The Photon Torpedoes

Top Dead Center


Hobart Willis & the Back Forty

Pinche Gringo 

The Torments

 The Camaros

Hollowbody Hellraisers

The Pistol Whippers

Trailer Bride

 Carolina Still

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

The Pits

Transylvania Transport Company

 Car Bomb, Inc.

Holy Rollin Hellfires

Planet 69

The Trash Hats

 Carrie & the Dirty Pillows

The Holy Smokes

Polecat Boogie Revival

The Tremors

 The Chaps

Honky Slim

The Polyplush Cats

The Trip Daddys

 The Cheated Hearts

The Hooten Hallers

The Poonhounds


 The Cheats

Hot Action

Porter Hall, TN


 The Cherry Bombs

The Hot Damns

The Power Ballad Outlaws


 The Chest Pains

Hot Rod Hillbillies


The Truckstop Preachers

 The Chop Tops

Hwy 13

The Psycho Devilles

Twilight City Fracture

 Chrissy Babe & the Dastards

The Infidels

Pulp 45

Twin Six

 Cigar Store Indians


Radio Threat

Twisted in Graves 

 Cletis & his City Cousins

Ivy League

The Rakehells

The Two Dollar Pistols

 The Cocktail Shakers

Izzy & The Catastrophics

Randy Whitt & the Grits

Two Tone Tony & the Carburetor Cats

 The Coffin Lids

Jack Black

The Raving Knaves


 The Cogburns

The Jackalopes

The T-Bucket Terrors


 Cold Harbor

Jane Rose & the Deadend Boys

The Red Skulls

The Ultra Kings

 Confused Little Girl

Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band

Rebel Son

Uncle Daddy & the Kissin’ Cousins

 The Cowslingers

Jem Crossland & the Hypertonics

The Recently Deceased

Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival

 Crank County Daredevils

Jerry King & Rivertown Ramblers

The Red Hot Poker Dots

The Unholy Trio

 The Creeps

Jimmy & the Teasers

The Revelevens

Viva Las Vegas


Joe Buck Yourself

Reverend D-Ray & the Shockers

Viva Le Vox

 Cutthroat Shamrock

Joecephus & the George Jonestown Massacre

Rhoades D'Ablo & the Devil's Right Hand

The Von Ehrics

 Danny B. Harvey

Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin Pins

Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls

The Vultures

 Danny Kay & The Nightlifers

Johnny Knox & Hi-Test

Rickett Pass

Wafer Thin

 The Darling Sweets

Johnnu Love & Speed

Riot in the Flesh

The Wailin' Elroys

 Dash Rip Rock

John Howie Jr. & the Rosewood Bluff

Rivers - Towers & Co.

The Way Goners

 Das Maniacs


The Rock Atomics

Waylon Speed

 Dave Quick

The Keepers


The Whiskey Daredevils

 Dead 50's

Kelley & The Cowboys

Rocket Queen

The White Devils

 Dead Aces

Kenneth Brian

Rocket 350

Willie Heath Neal

 Dead City Dealers

Killer Filler

Rocket 88

Wink Keziah & Deluxe Motel

 The Deadneks

Kings of Hell

The Rockin’ 69’s

The Wrecking Dead

 The Defibulators

Kings of Nuthin'

Rocky Yelton and the Hired Guns

The X-Impossibles

 The Defilers

Kitty Box & the Johnnies

The Rounders

The X-Rayons

 Delco Nightingale

Kitty King & The Whistlin Skulls


Zippo Raid

 Designer Drugs

The Koffin Kats

Ruby Dee & the Snakehandlers

 & more!

 The Devil Spades

Knife Of Simpson

The Runarounds


 The Deviltones


The Rustbelt Homewreckers